Total Green Landscape team is expert in Designing and Installation of Pergola in Dubai. We have a lot of designing and installation of Pergola tools.

Designing and Installation of Pergola. Landscaping is our passion and we like to create new designs and new ideas. Total Green Landscape has very experienced and professional team of experts. We are fully capable of making the dreams true in terms of landscaping. That is the reason we claim to our customers ‘’ To share your dreams with us and see, how we make them true. ‘’ We are the one of pioneer landscaping company in Meadows and Arabian Ranches communities.
Being the pioneer landscaping company among all the landscaping companies in Dubai, while working in the Arabian Ranches, we offered the best suitable designs of Pergola to meet the customer requirements. Last November we received a call from our new customer and he wants to have a wooden pergola in his garden. We had fixed a meeting to get complete information about their require Pergola. They share with us that what kind of wood Pergola they need. We also got the complete details about the electricity requirements regarding the need of fans and lights.


I was time to prove the skills and expertise by our designing staff to provide the design which makes the clients dream true. After getting complete details of his requirements we provide 3D design for the pergola to our client, that how it would look like after installation. Customer agreed with the design and we thought that it would be a fun to install 6 meter long pergola with the fans and lights. For the installation we arranged all the best quality material according to the budget of client and policy of the company. After completion it becomes the beautiful part of his home and also the place to have fun with family and friends.
Whole of the project was monitored by the superiors and execution of the work was done completely according to the EMAAR rules and regulations. It was a very special project and had increased experience in my career.

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