A beautiful garden not only narrates the taste of home residents but also provides a place to spend some quality time with family, friends and guests. In Emirates Hills to maintain your home garden, the gardening tips are very simple and easy to follow.

1- Most of the newly developed gardens in emirates hills are wasted due to the negligence of checking plants health at the time of purchase.
2- Installation of plants in a appropriate manner is another important requirement to keep emirates hill garden healthy and grow fast.
3- One of the important tips is to select he quality and quantity of fertilizer and the organic material used for planting the plants.
4- Viruses and bacteria mostly entered in the garden due to the negligence towards the elimination of insects from the plants. In emirates hills most of the resident are not careful about the insects in there garden and this carelessness damages the plants and garden as well.
5- Pure cleaning services for the leaves and other plants waste can be dangerous for the garden and it need to be clean regularly and properly.
6- Proper trimming of trees and shrubs in the garden according to the weather requirements can make garden healthy and long lasting.
7- Watering is the most important factor in all the garden tips. In emirates hills most of the garden suffers losses due to the unbalance use of water for the plants. Some are using more water and some are using less water as compared to the water need of the garden plants.

Total Green landscape provides full range of landscape services including the garden maintenance as well. Our consultants and supervisors also gave visit to our client’s garden to ensure the proper work of gardeners.
Please feel free to have conversation with our constant at any time to ensure the health and safety of your garden.

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