Tomato, Vegetable Garden, Vine – Plant


Like all over the world, in Dubai its very healthy trend to grow the required vegetables in your own home garden. With the home vegetable garden you can get healthy and fresh vegetables of your own use all over the year. Also it’s a very good activity which increases the home beauty and value also. A vegetable garden always look very beautiful in home.
Growing of tomatoes is very easy if designing and planning of plantation make appropriately. It’s a common phrase ‘’ Got Sun Grow Tomatoes’’.
Total Green landscape has the professional and experienced team to execute the work of vegetable gardening; we are providing our services to make the vegetable garden in your home and also providing our services to make gardening care taking on daily basis also. We are providing our services for the consultancy, designing, planning and execution of the gardening work also.
Commonly there is two ways to grow Tomatoes at home, either in the ground or in raised beds. Raised beds are widely used because the control of soil quality and care taking in case of you have pets becomes easy also. Pets have a harder time for the growth of tomatoes. Sun light is the necessary required thing for the growth of tomatoes. Usually 6 to 8 hours of sunlight is required for tomatoes but during the peak time of sunlight your may required sun shed on tomatoes, because at this time sunlight can harm your tomatoes.
Being a leading landscape company among all the landscaping companies of Dubai we are providing our services for the consultancy of pesticides and fertilizers also. Our consultants will also guide you regarding the necessary things for the growth of tomatoes also including the way of growing tomatoes in beds or in ground, main things for care taking of tomatoes growth and what are the necessary pesticides and organic fertilizers that can be use at home garden safely.

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