To enhance the beauty and meet the light requirements in the yard, garden lights are very important and have very vital role in this regard.

These lights are not only required to avoid the blackout in the garden but also used to cast the shadow effects and highlights the water features, beauty of the plants and the coverage of aspects through underwater lights. These lights also used to highlights the pathways of garden and decking too. Outdoor lights are required for the safety purpose also.
Landscape lights in dubai are required to achieve the aesthetically view and to enhance the illuminated effect also. These lights create the brightness need to use the pathways and entryways.

To beautify the sitting area outdoor lights are used to make your outdoor furniture more elegance. To create outdoor space livable and functional in the night garden lights are essential. These are compulsory for the safety and security also.
To keep the landscape as the center of attention a professionally designed plane is very important. Being a leading landscape company among all the landscaping companies in Dubai,

Total Green landscape has wide experience for creating the design for the landscape lights according to the requirements and to enhance the beauty of the landscape.

It requires a lot of experience and professional skill to implement the landscape lights for achieving the desired shadow effects, underwater lighting aspects control; water features lightnings and coverage of beautiful plants of the garden.

We provide all most all types of lights styles like traditional or ultra-modern styles.
These days LED lights are widely in use to save the cost of the landscape installation and also save the billing cost of electricity consumption.

These LED lights are available in almost every required style with higher and lower brightness.

LED lights are available for bollards, path lights, in-ground lights, spotlights (for bushes and shrubbery), floodlights, up lighting, silhouetting, grazing lighting, wall washing, etc.These lights are also available in different types of voltages like 12vol to 120volt.
There are several techniques used to create design for implementation of landscape lights in dubai like Wall-wash lighting, grazing, in-ground lights, shadowing, silhouette lighting, hardscape lighting, path & spread lighting, Decking and patio lighting, mirror lighting, moon lighting and under water lighting.

BBQ area lights are very important to get the grill in focus. Outdoor kitchen can make more beautiful and attention taking in the night time by using right type of lights. These lights are available in different colors according to the paint color scheme of home.

Especially the multi color lights are used to create the shadow affects of the plants in the corners of the plants rows. These multi color lights create very beautiful view in the night time while changing the colors with specific time intervals.
It required expertise and skill to achieve the required affects from these lights. Total Green landscape designers always provide maximum options to make best decision and have the maximum benefits of these lights.

We believe if the landscape gives beautiful view in the night then it will be a worthy work.
Total Green landscape is the best in the implementation and creation of design for the landscape lights in dubai. We have our name in the market and a long list of satisfied customers also. Due to our wide experience we now the lighting requirements of every kind of landscape and also capable of using all necessary techniques used for landscape lighting. Our consultants always explain all kind of options to utilize these landscape lights. We have our satisfied clients in almost every residential community of Dubai including Palmera, Dubai hills, Arabian Ranches, Emirates Hills, Spring Community and Palm Jumeirah also.

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