Irrigation System

Irrigation System 1

    Irrigation is an essential water supply strategy for watering landscapes and gardens.
    Most widely used and effective are two types Sprinkler system, First sprinkler is a Manual sprinkler and second is an Automatic sprinkler system.
    Manual sprinklers require you to open the valve, time the watering yourself and then shut off the flow.
    While the automatic sprinkler system is controlled by the automatic devices to supply water accordingly. It is controlled in two ways, time of water supply and the duration of water supply.
    On the other hand to remain economic on your water and electricity bill, we are creating such designs to install sprinklers in such a way that water consumption can be reduce without harming the plants. Sprinkler system designing is an art and Total Green Landscape has the most experienced and professional team for designing.
    We are offering over services for all kind of irrigation systems required for watering the plants with cheaper rates among all the landscaping companies in Dubai.