Water Features

Water Features 1

    Water feature is the most appealing element in any home garden. A best suited and well placed water feature not only increases the beauty of home but also brings clam and pleasant feelings.

    There are many types of water features available as per the need and home best suited design. Following are the main types of water feature:

    – Table Top models
    – Wall Fountains
    – Floor Fountains

    Table top models are mostly used indoor. Also available in different sizes according to the requirements
    Wall fountains are the most beautiful element in any garden. Total Green Landscape provides beautiful modern designs for the wall fountains. Now a day’s wall fountains are used to have the solar system energy supply. Which makes them more affordable to install at your home but it requires more attention to point out the best suitable place so that more and more sun light can be available.
    Floor fountains are also available in different sizes and shapes according to the requirements and also available in the solar energy supply system.
    Total Green Landscape provides all kind of water feature related services like designing, supply and installation, and maintenance. Our consultants are available to discuss need and desires at any time.